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Save time & costs, monitor important website changes

Tired of manually checking websites for changes?

Easily track & monitor any website (or crawl entire sites) for changes and get alert notifications whenever the pages are updated.

Stay ahead of competitors, react faster to market changes, and accelerate productivity, growth & ROI.

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Track specific area

Track entire page

You'll be alerted when the chosen area's visuals change by 1% or more. 

Track specific element

Track entire page

You'll be alerted when the chosen HTML element's

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Alert when all the keywords are found

You'll be alerted when the selected field's value changes

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No need to waste your time, we make your life & job easier

Monitor websites to collect invaluable business insight & data and stay updated on important info.

Use this advantage to make better, more-informed decisions to help your organization grow and thrive.

Read our guide

How to track your competitors, SEO, rankings, and reviews

Automate time-consuming tasks & scale website monitoring

AlertBits can regularly check a website for you automatically and notify you if the changes you want have been detected.

Need to monitor entire sites? Our Crawlers can browse a site to find all the links & pages and track them for you.


Text Changes   


Market & competition tracking

Stay ahead of your competitors and track their websites, socials, rankings, prices, marketing, ads, blogs, launches, and more.

Marketing, SEO & rankings

Improve your marketing efforts and results by tracking SEO, lists, rankings, and review/feedback sites.

News, data & information

Make better decisions and be better informed by tracking valuable business insight, data, news, updates, and trends.

Sales & outreach

Improve your outreach efforts by monitoring potential clients, leads, and prospects. Know their activities, moves, and decisions.

Security & defacement

Monitor your own website for unauthorized or unintended changes, security issues, bugs, and downtime.

Legal & compliance

Protect your IP by tracking others for copyright or trademark infringement. Keep up-to-date with regulations and laws.

Content Changes   

Code Changes   

Source Code   

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Pays for itself in a week

Skip all the frustration and pain of manually checking websites, and instead spend your valuable time on things that matter more.

Sit back & relax, while AlertBits does all the boring, tedious, and slow stuff.

Organize, manage & collaborate effortlessly

Use tags to filter & group pages into folders and to control user access. Bulk import URLs from sitemaps, bulk add/edit pages, and search/sort/filter for easy organization.

Add conditions (e.g. contains, greater than...) to Element or API tracking to be alerted only when the value meets that condition and reduce unnecessary alerts.

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Easily analyze website changes & get alerts when and where you want

Is there a website with information that's important to you and you'd like to stay on top of it?

See precisely what's changed with color-coded & highlighted screenshots, text & code differences, and get alerts via email, Slack, Discord, or Telegram.

Seamless adoption and integration with your workflow

Use APIs & webhooks to integrate AlertBits with the tools and systems you already use every day.

So whatever your custom or specific needs are, we're ready to accommodate them.

Friendly & helpful support that you can count on

We'll help your whole team get up and running quickly with our onboarding & training. And we'll share guidance and recommendations based on your goal and industry.

And if you ever get stuck, we're here to help make everything as easy as possible. We'll help you succeed and get the maximum ROI from AlertBits.