About AlertBits - Our Roadmap, Vision & Updates - AlertBits

Roadmap & Plans

In the future, we're planning on improving AlertBits by:

Integrating AI & machine learning

Launching Android & iOS mobile apps

Launching Google Chrome extension

Providing change alerts via RSS

Adding ignore areas to pages

Making dark-mode available

And more...

Our Vision

Our goal is to make automation tools that make your life & job easier and help you save time. New technologies, innovations, and automation is a big driver of humanity's growth.

And we want to contribute to that development as much as we can with AlertBits. So if you have any feedback or suggestions for us, definitely let us know!

We're excited and looking forward to making AlertBits even more useful and helpful in the future...

Updates & Changelog

These are the things we've recently been working on. Enjoy:

18 February, 2023

Add promo/coupon code support

4 November, 2022

Add tag-based access control & grouping

30 October, 2022

Add Crawlers

26 September, 2022

Add auto ad/popup blocking on captures

8 May, 2022

Add a free plan