Benefits - Easily & effortlessly track changes to webpages and get timely alerts - AlertBits

Easily & effortlessly track changes to webpages and get timely alerts

AlertBits comes with a host of benefits to make your life easier.

Start automating for free...

All your captures and changes, organized and easy to find

Manage your webpages, URLs, and captures in a simple and uncomplicated way, whether you have a dozen or thousands of them.

Start Organizing

Search through your URLs to find the one you're looking for

Sort and filter through your pages and captures according to your needs

Have lots of captures? Filter them out based on a date range

Enable/disable single or multiple pages at once as desired

Is a capture important? Favorite it to quickly find it later

Don't want a page or capture anymore? Archive it to move it out of the way

Get a ZIP download of all captures within a date range

Add, update, and manage your webpages; all in one place

Bulk add and edit multiple pages with ease. Manage your URLs in a simple, hassle-free manner.

Start Managing

Select your preferred timezone for each webpage, so that your dates appear correctly (with DST changes)

Have a lot of URLs? Add multiple URLs at once with the same set of settings

Import a list of URLs from a website's XML sitemap automatically

Bulk edit/update multiple pages at once

Navigate throughout the app with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface

Choose between 3 display layouts for your pages and captures (grid, large grid, and table)

Easily find your web pages by adding names and descriptions

Receive alerts and sync your captures with your favorite apps

Conveniently get alerts on the apps and platforms that you already use every day and easily fit AlertBits into your workflow.

Start Integrating

Receive tracking alerts via Slack, Discord, Telegram, or email

Integrate with your own app or workflow via API & get webhook notifications for every capture.

Connect to Zapier to sync across Microsoft OneDrive,, and others

Upload your visual screenshots to Google Drive and Dropbox.

Enable integrations/syncing for all your pages, or only for certain ones

Collaborate and manage your captures with others

Have a multi-person group or a team? Invite all of them to join so you can collaborate and work together.

Start Collaborating

Invite others to sign up under the same team account

Give other users full or limited access

Easily manage your team's users

Need to tweak more capture settings?

Enjoy an array of advanced browser settings that you can customize for the ideal capture.

Start Customizing

Capture the full page, or easily specify a cropped area to track for visual captures

Manage when your captures run by setting your preferred start and end times

Automatically pause a page after an alert is triggered

Change the browser width to capture mobile or tablet versions of a webpage.

Take your captures from a different IP address and location, choose one of 17 countries

And multiple actions to perform before taking the capture (click, hover, type, hide, scroll, or wait)

Add custom cookies and user agent settings for browsers