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Reduce unnecessary alerts with specific condition-based tracking

With Element tracking, you can choose to receive alerts when that specific element's visuals, text content, or HTML code changes by at least a certain percentage.

Or, you can choose to get alerted when that element's value matches your condition (such as contains, doesn't contain, greater than, equals, etc.).

This allows you to skip alerts for unimportant changes and only get notified when your desired changes occur.

The condition or match results are compared with the previous capture and you're only alerted if things have changed since then, so you won't be annoyed with multiple unnecessary notifications for the same condition match.

Track all the pages of a website by bulk adding URLs from a sitemap

Want to track an entire website? Just specify the XML sitemap link of that site and we'll automatically import all the URLs that you can bulk add quickly at once.

And afterward, you can select and bulk enable, disable, archive, and edit multiple pages together. And if you have a lot of pages, you can search, sort, and filter them as needed.

Choose your preferred storage period for your captures

You can specify the storage period of your captures (from 1 month to 10 years) and the data and screenshots will be retained accordingly.

So if you need to store captures longer for your purposes, you can easily do that (longer storage periods have additional costs).

Effortlessly work together with your team and coordinate your tracking strategy

You can invite other people to join your team on AlertBits. This makes it easy to share captures and collaborate efficiently.

You can choose to give others full or limited access depending on your needs.

Capture webpages at the right time with detailed frequencies

You can choose from a wide range of frequencies: from every 5 minutes to every 365 days, or anything in between.

Not only that, but you can choose when your captures will be taken by specifying your custom start and end times; as well as the timezone for proper date/time formatting and reporting.

For example...

Start Time: Mon, 13 Nov 2023 07:42 PM (UTC)

Frequency: every 1.25 days (1 day & 6 hours)

Mon, 13 Nov 2023

07:42 PM (UTC)

1st capture

Wed, 15 Nov 2023

01:42 AM (UTC)

2nd capture

Thu, 16 Nov 2023

07:42 AM (UTC)

3rd, and so on...

Get your desired capture by performing actions before capturing

Is there something on a webpage that you need to hide or click away before taking a capture (like a popup or a cookie notice)?

When adding a page, you can specify multiple actions that'll be performed sequentially before the capture is taken.

Choose from a comprehensive set of actions to get your perfect capture.

Click on an element on the page

Hover over an element on the page

Scroll the page or an element by an amount

Type something into a field

Hide an element from the page

Delay or wait for a few seconds