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See how automatic tracking alerts can save you time, energy, and frustration

From tracking valuable business insight, growth & rankings to seeing what your competitors are doing, find out the problems you can solve and the trouble you can skip with automatic tracking.

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Stay ahead of your competitors with strategic tracking & alerts

Propel your business to success by finding out where you can improve and excel in your industry.

Stay ahead of your competitors by tracking their activities, moves and decisions

Quickly gain valuable competitive intelligence and data to further your success

Find opportunities in your market by tracking the products and pricing of your competitors, suppliers, and dealers

Figure out how to improve your business by monitoring your competitors' promotions, launches, offers, discounts, and giveaways

Understand and uncover the plans and strategies of your competitors

Be the first to market and monitor the availability, inventory, and stock of products and items

See how your strategy stacks up by checking the sales, marketing, and advertising activities of your competitors

Track valuable information, business insights, rankings, and anything else that matters

Grow, scale, and move your business forward by tracking anything on the web that's important to you.

Make better decisions by tracking and gathering business insight and data

Grow your traffic, leads, and sales by tracking SEO, backlinks, and rankings over time

Improve your outreach efforts by monitoring potential clients, leads, and prospects

See what people are saying about your brand by tracking review and feedback sites

Keep up-to-date with new opportunities, news, changes, and trends in your industry

Gather valuable statistics by analyzing launches, offers, and campaigns

Avoid interruptions and delays by monitoring logistics, operations, supply chains, and shipping activities

Track your business growth and marketing efforts by capturing your website or social media

See how your products and pricing are doing by tracking them across the web

Collect data that's important to your business by tracking charts, metrics, KPIs, keywords, live updates, and more

Find more success by monitoring jobs and hiring opportunities

Stay on top of real estate, property, rent, and asset prices by tracking them

Check tickets, fares, coupons, and deals that you're interested in

Protect yourself & comply with record-keeping laws and regulations

Protect your IP by tracking others for copyright or trademark infringement

Meet industry regulations and standards by archiving your website

Save yourself from defacement and security threats by monitoring your website

Shield your business by discouraging litigation

Speed up legal processes and reduce costs with captures as evidence